You could be an old study pal from Krakow Art Academy. You could be an old romance. You could be the one she was writing all the letters to. You can be the friend that was let down. You could be the friend she loved, -perhaps too much. Please contact me whatever story you have about her:

This turned up as I sat down and searched my grandmother’s name on the internet. All of a sudden, I could access a glimpse of my grandmother’s mind in her late years as an artist with a brain damage. She had been a dedicated art painter who lived for her art to the very last moment in her life. She was also the best friend I could ever have asked for as a child.

Finding this article with accompanying paintings has taken me on a research, which opens up for a possible documentary about Krystina Habura. Therefore, I am looking for people who have met her or have been in contact with her in one or the other way.

Please write to: kasialarsen@gmail.com




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  1. Eugene O'Sullivan on said:

    Hi, I met Krystyna in 1978 in Sandomierz. I was there with two classmates from the Irish National of College of Art and Design (NCAD). Our teacher was from Warsaw and he organised the trip for us. The occasion was an art campus and she was producing one painting every day. Lots of paint, lots of vodka. She became obsessed with me. That was her character. We spent two weeks there and had a lot of fun. Eugene O’Sullivan

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