3 shorts at the “We Speak Here” festival

My three shorts “Memories”, “Home” and “Remembering Kazury” are invited to the online film festival “We Speak Here” and will be part of the program soon.



HOME: A diary note from a place, I once called home. A diary note from an old father, who lived alone in a big house, which is filled with memories about the one and only love that never came back. A diary note about the love, still alive in a house of loneliness.

MEMORIES: Is time lost or does it live on in our memory? Four women in Beirut, look back on their childhood and share their personal story about their grandmother.

Their stories take us on a journey to our past, our future and ultimately to an infinite ‘now’.

REMEMBERING KAZURY: Gosia knows, she was in third grade, when they moved to Denmark. She knows, it was in the end of winter, and she knows, they moved without her father knowing it. But she can’t remember it. Twenty years later Gosia meets with her father in the childhood neigborhood Kazury in Warszawa. It is a journey back, to a time where they shared their everyday together.

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